Chair-side remaking of incongruous prosthesis

Dr. Theodoros Tasopoulos

In this case, the patient (male, 65 years old, bruxer) was presented in our private clinic complaining of poor-fitting maxillary denture and associated pain and discomfort. Furthermore, the patient was complaining about speech difficulties, poor mastication and traumatized tissue bearing surface of the maxilla.

” Sofreliner Tough S (Soft)/M (Medium) by Tokuyama is indicated as a long term auto-polymerized denture soft lining material for post implant and post extractive applications. It may constitute as a useful treatment option offering direct and easy reproduction of the oral tissues in the denture base, avoiding the temporary edentulous period accompanying laboratory relines. ”


To see the complete case report and follow all the steps, please look at the attachment.



Fig. 1:

Approximately, 1-2 mm of acrylic resin was removed from the surface of the denture base

Fig. 2:

Denture flanges were grinded down with a shoulder preparation (900). The prosthesis was carefully cleaned using ethyl alcohol and was allowed to dry

Fig. 3:

A thin coat of adhesive primer* was applied to the impression surface and peripheral borders of the denture with a clean dry brush. It was allowed to dry for at least 1 minute

Fig. 4:

Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough M/S paste dispensed directly onto the bonding surface of the denture. The working time is 1,5-2 minutes, at room temperature of 230C (730F)

Fig. 5:

Denture was seated intraorally and was retained for at least 5 minutes (setting time) in occlusion. In order to bold the border of the vestibule area, movements of cheeks and lips were performed in patient’s mouth

Fig. 6:

Using a scalpel excess material was removed

Fig. 7:

Using the COARSE POINT with rotational speed of less than 15,000 RPM excess of Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough M/S was trimmed

Fig. 8:

In order to achieve a smoother finish the denture surface was polished with the FINISHING WHEEL by applying light pressure not to exceed 8,000 RPM

Fig. 9:

The denture was successfully relined and delivered to the patient