Rehabilitation of edentulous patient with restoration of existing prosthesis

Dr. Alessio Casucci
Odt. Rodolfo Colognesi

Edentulism is a condition which significantly affects not only the masticatory function, but also important aspects of the patients’ social life. Today, the edentulous patient’s rehabilitation can be tackled with different prosthetic solutions, and implants are a very effective tool in this sense, although the implant rehabilitation process is often complex and requires financial resources not available to everyone. In this respect, tissue conditioners may be useful to the clinician to improve the adjusting conditions to preexisting prostheses during the longer rehabilitation processes or for their functional restoration temporarily avoiding the construction of new rehabilitations. This case report describes the clinical and laboratory steps followed for the functional restoration of an edentulous patient who had two incongruous complete prosthetic rehabilitations.


To see the complete case report and follow all the steps, please look at the attachment.