Clinical case rehabilitated

Dr. Mauro Belluz

The clinical case presented is about a young patient with deep carious lesion on tooth 1.6. The tooth is slightly painful if thermostimulated.
The removal of the carious lesion leads to the exposure of the pulp and the subsequent need for endodontic treatment.

[…] I started my clinical training with Asteria only recently, but from the very first case working with this composite, I was able to appreciate its excellent handling also for complex reconstructions, the extreme user-friendly evaluation of the shade to be used thanks to the customizability of the color scale with the Custom Shade Guide and the matching between the results from the color samples and the final result of the restoration, in addition to the decreased need for layering to obtain excellent results in any clinical situation […]


Fig. 1:

Initial picture of the involved area

Fig. 2:

Isolation of the operating area

Fig. 3:

The access cavity at the end of the endodontic treatment

Fig. 4:

Selective etching of the enamel with Tokuyama Etching Gel HV

Fig. 5:

Applying Tokuyama EE-Bond

Fig. 6:

Dentinal layering of the dentine shade Estelite Asteria A3B with anticipated modeling of the cusps and characterization of the grooves with Estelite Color Dark Brown

Fig. 7:

The completed restoration after Estelite Asteria OcE enamel layering

Fig. 8:

The completed restoration upon rubber dam removal and after occlusal check