Functional and esthetic rehabilitation in posterior teeth

Dr. Mauro Belluz

[…] I have just started my clinical training with the new composite Estelite Asteria, but since the first case that I have made with this material, I could appreciate its excellent handling even in case of complex restorations. The extreme simplicity in the evaluation of the color to use is made possible also thanks to the Custom Shade Guide which enables to customize the traditional color range scale. The result is the correspondence between what is obtained with customize color samples and the final result of the restoration. Last but not least, I wish to point out the reduction of the layering activity needed in order to achieve excellent results in any clinical situations. […]

To see the complete case report and follow all the steps, please look at the attachment.


Fig. 1:

Young patient with caries at the interproximal mesial area of the 2.5 tooth

Fig. 2:

Isolation of the teeth with rubber dam

Fig. 3:

Cavity preparation and cleaning of caries disease

Fig. 4:

Positioning of the sectional matrix (Tokuyama prototype)

Fig. 5:

Restoration after removal of the matrix. Adesive treatment has been realized using EE-Bond (selective etching technique). Layering and modelling of the last 0,5mm of the cusps have been realized with Estelite Asteria A3B and OcE. Estelite Color Dark Brown has been used for the final characterization

Fig. 6:

Refinished restoration before the removal of the rubber dam

Fig. 7:

Final restoration after the removal of the rubber dam, and occlusal check